Welcome to "The Bible and Other Fairy Tales"!
Linda Beatty

A weekly atheist musical comedy web show that passionately champions science and reason without fear or apology, and ruthlessly ridicules the inconsistencies, contradictions and hypocrisies of all religion.

I'm Linda, creator of "The Bible and Other Fairy Tales", passionate atheist, comedian, and singer/songwriter.

(Yep, I combine comedy with playing the Celtic harp and singing – seriously, that's my job 🙂 )

I created "The Bible and Other Fairy Tales" because I really wanted to contribute to atheism in a meaningful, but fun way.

I also noticed that, while there were lots of songs around about God and religion, there weren't that many songs about atheism.

So I decided to contribute by making a weekly comedy web show…

Each fortnight during a season I'll give you a brand new atheist song, that ridicules religion while defending the importance of critical thinking and the scientific method.

And on the alternate fortnight (and in between seasons), I'll give you a short little episode full of godless goodness where I just make fun of something to do with religion.

Why am I so passionate about atheism?

I grew up in an atheist household in Melbourne, Australia, where Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" was a must watch, and David Attenborough was king, warranting the "special shortbread" to be brought out whenever his documentaries were on TV.

Side note: Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" still rocks, as does Neil Degrasse Tyson's new version. And I still watch every documentary by David Attenborough as he will always and forever be King. 🙂

When it came to religion, Mum had been brought up a Methodist, which meant that, when she no longer believed in a God, she was just an atheist.

However Dad, born before WWII (he had me when he was MUCH older), had been brought up a STRICT Catholic.

This meant when he no longer believed in a God, he became a "Catholic Atheist", which, as I discovered, was very different from just being an atheist.

This ended up having a profound effect on my opinion of religion, and of the idea so often spouted by religious apologists, that religion is, at worst, benign, and should be allowed to exist without any challenges from the outside world.

The defining moment which cemented, not just my atheism, but the importance of openly speaking out against the hypocrisies and inconsistencies of religion, happened when I was about 15...

I was sitting at the kitchen table, having a cup of tea with Dad. We started talking about religion, and suddenly, as the subject of hell came up, it became startlingly obvious that the idea of eternal torment still completely terrified him.

Not because he believed in hell, but because it had been drummed into him continuously as a small child...

(Unfortunately he had attended one of the famously brutal Catholic schools run by the even more famously sadistic brothers and nuns in Melbourne, where they had, quite literally, put the fear of God into him and countless other innocent little children.)

This meant that, over 5 decades later, just the mere thought of hell brought up instant, and extreme feelings of terror, anxiety, shame, and guilt in him.

And I remember thinking, what could my loving, gentle, "spoils his daughter rotten" father possibly have done in life to make the idea of eternal punishment something that he should fear?

Unless having more model railway magazines than any person could possibly need had suddenly become a major sin!

And while I know that fearing hell isn't the worst thing religion can do, (certainly not at the school my father went to), this was when I really began to understand that, far from being benign, how truly damaging religion can be.

And that these painful effects can last a lifetime, making it vitally important to speak out against a way of thought that can allow such abuse to occur.

From that time on I was an open and passionate atheist, always ready to question and challenge any ridiculous, unscientific, and damaging claims that religion night make!

Which is why I've created The Bible and Other Fairy Tales...

So now that you've got the scoop about me and the show, it's time for you to go check out the latest episode of "The Bible and Other Fairy Tales"...

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Linda xo

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